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Digital Textile Printing(DTP)

Celludye’s core products are series of highly purified dyes used in DTP. Including highly purified reactive dyes, highly purified acid dyes, highly purified disperse dyes for direct inkjet printing and inks

  • Salt free dyes equal to highly purified dyes
  • Conventional dyes can be converted to highly purified dyes
  • Dyes with bright colors equal to high purity dyes
  • Inferior dyes can become qualified inks by adjusting the formula
  • The hydrolysis of dye can be controlled by the buffer agent of ink formula
  • The ink quality problem equal to inappropriate ink formula
  • The cost of high-purity dyes should not differ greatly from that of conventional dyes
  • Our Advantage
  • Not easy to precipitate dyes on some ink
  • Excellent compatibility to various solvents combination.
  • The blockage of the nozzle can be improved with inks made of highly purified dyes
  • In addition to conventional four colors CMYK, more secondary and tertiary colors are available
  • Formulating high concentration inks become possible
  • Excellent stability for storage
  • Outstanding QC can minimize batch differences of dyes, so ink formula become more stable.
  • Desktop and Wide-format Inkjet Printing & Inks for Pens

    Celludye has complete series of products of water-based dyes and pigments in inkjet printing field. Those products can be used not only for office desktop and wide-format inkjet printers, but also for all kinds of ink products for pen.

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