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What makes Celludye unique from other colorants makers?
Celludye has engaged in inkjet printing colorants business for almost 16 years. We are not involved in conventional dyestuff business.
How about cost of Celludye products?
Celludye provides premium brand experience instead of low price strategy.
How about your color range?
We have integrated product range, besides CMYK , we also have other sub-color which can reach pink , grey, royal blue ,orange with beautiful performances.
Could you tell us about your black products?
We have 2 kinds of Black. Depending on your needs, you can select our specially designed VS type to achieve full black easily, meanwhile, our MCT type will bring excellent performance to you.
How about compatibility between your colorants and ink formulations?
The difference between Celludye and other suppliers is that Celludye produces pure dyestuff without any additives.
What’s the form of your products?
We mainly have powder form for each items.
Do you sell ink to end user in Celludye brand?
Our ink business mode is OEM or ODM only. We won’t sell ink with Celludye brand to end user in the market.
How many kinds of colorants do you recommend to DTP ink maker?
Reactive dyes are our major products for DTP, meanwhile we have acid dyes and disperse dyes (direct inkjet printing) for synthetic fiber printing application, such as nylon , polyester.
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