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Comprehensive Color Solution Provider

After the development for over a decade, Celludye has become a leading global supplier of inkjet technology, inks and highly purified dyes in the professional field. Headquarter located in Zizhu National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Park in Shanghai, and Celludye has two production sites in Shanghai and Hubei.

Celludye has two categories of products: highly purified dyes used in digital textile printing, and in desktop / large-format inkjet printing & inks for pen. Our market is mainly abroad, distributed in Japan and South Korea, Europe, the United States and emerging developing countries. We will keep developing and expanding our market with all relevant customers in the future.

Research and Development

We are colorants experts, chemistry experts, and innovator.

  • Focusing on the research and development of colorants for inkjet printing for nearly 20 years, Celludye has a leading R&D team in the industry.

Business Philosophy

To customers
Create Maximum Value for Customer
Celludye has very explicit brand strategies. we enhance the market position of customer’s brand through Celludye’s know-how. We believe that Celludye’s products and technologies will create great value for our customers.
To employees
Symbiotic CoexistenceShare the Achievements of Company Value’s Growth
For our employees, our company maintains a symbiotic platform for everyone. We encourage learning, innovation, and personal development. We know the importance of staff, and fully respect their work. In the future, the employees who have made positive contributions to the development of our company will be able to enjoy the dividends of company's growth.

Date & Event

  • 2022 the Celludye (Hubei) site started to operate officially.
  • 2021 Celludye planned to apply for an IPO on Shenzhen’s ChiNext Board.
  • 2020 set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Jingzhou, Hubei province, Celludye (Hubei) Imaging Colorants Inc.
  • 2017 Celludye was listed in the national stock transfer system, stock code: 839405
  • 2010 Production lines of dyes for inkjet printing with annual capacity 2,000 tons was built and put into operation. 
  • 2008 Launched water-based inkjet dye project. Focusing on the R&D of inkjet printing, especially the technique of producing dyes for large format inkjet printing inks.
  • 2007 Research, development, and production of water-based dyes for cool transfer printing. 
  • 2006 Celludye began to produce liquid dyes, product range includes reactive dyes for textile printing and paper dyes. 
  • 2005 Celludye founded in Shanghai, China, with registered capital $ 9,250,000.

Environmental Sustainability

In Celludye, in addition to focusing on enterprise growth and industrial upgrading, we also attach great importance to energy conservation and emission reduction. Adhere to the leading ideology of "green environmental protection" in all aspects of production. About products, compared with previous solvent-based products, our water-based products completely achieved zero VOC emission. At the same time, the energy saving and environmental protection technology of DTP has developed and grown to achieve green and sustainable development of textile industry.

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