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Quality assurance & innovation

Quality assurance & innovation


At Celludye Imaging Colorants, Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are two distinct processes that ensure our credibility.

QA Manager is responsible for setting the product standards and test methods and ensuring that they are met on a regular basis. Through our ISO 9001 registration, we identify quality shortfalls and applycorrective actions to prevent recurrence. The QA Manager coordinates with manufacturing, marketing, sales, technical service and QC departments to maintain customer satisfaction for our products in the globalmarketplace. 

While,QC checks the quality of the product against its standard, but doesn’t ensure that the standard is appropriate in the first place nor does it take care of preventing sub-standard material in the future.

Celluye Imaging Colorants drives innovation through our world-class Research & Technology facilities, production plants and consultancy services. We focus on meeting the needs of customers with cost-effective solutions that support them to maximize competitiveness and minimize environmental impact.
Our innovative dyes and chemicals consistently produce right-first-time results and help to optimize and shorten the manufacturing process. As a result, our customers can save costs, enhance productivity, reduce waste and conserve water and energy.

R & D

In order to sustain businesses, it is important to think of long term goals and not be myopic in approach. Hence, as an organization, we have a policy to invest in authentic research that constantly develops new products and application methods besides minimizing waste, shortening production processes and improving existing products.

Today, our products have created a name in the ink field and are considered as competitive, convenient and trustworthy worldwide.

The R & D department is supported by a pilot plant which ensures smooth transition of our processes, from our research lab to commercial production. Approximately.

The R&D department is a crucial arm in our company, an internal centre of excellence to service the business and meet customer needs.The key focus areas are:
● Optimization of process chemistry to achieve the highest
● Chemical efficiency and product purity whilst minimizing effluent production.
● Monitoring technology trends in order to understand market opportunities and unfulfilled needs.
● To carry out long term new molecule research projects looking for novel technologically advanced dyes and processes to meet our customers’ needs. We develop new customized processes for clients.

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