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Inks for digital textile printing

Inks for digital textile printing


Overview for ink business

For ink business, both of OEM and ODM are workable for us. which means we can produce inks with customer formulation , or we can design ink by our R&D team according to customers’ requirements. Meanwhile, we have our practiced formulation that are suitable for all kinds of industrial digital inkjet print-head to produce ink for you



Consistent quality & stability ensure excellent reproducibility

Unique formulations without risk on print head damage

High saturate color yield make the print sharp and free of bleeding

Non-risk of print head blocking after long period print or stop over

Reliable performance make the printing smooth & efficient

Compatible with high speed printing mode

Easy wash-off with excellent fastness performance

Diversified ranges are available for various printing heads


New released concept of reactive ink

Ink concentrate

for regular ink, the dye content is around 10-12%(for black,it could be 15-16%), our ink concentrate has the dye content of 20-30%, almost the double concentration compare to the regular one. Ink concentrate can be diluted to become a regular ink, in Celludye we have a team to support our customers for formulation and testing, honestly this is not a complicated process that you can master it easily. If you try to use Ink concentrate without diluting, yes it’s OK but you should check from your printer supplier, or by yourself to adjust ICC curve, with this Ink concentrate you can get a bonus, that is, you can reduce the pass number to reach the same image quality, last but not least, it’s no longer difficult to print a “full black with large area” on the fabrics.

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