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Dyes for stationary

Dyes for stationary


Overview for water base high purity dyes (Stationary application)

Stationery in general includes all items needed for writing. Typical applications are writing utensils for everyday use like fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, felt-tip pens and fineliner pens. Other items are more likely to be found in offices, such as highlighters, whiteboard markers, permanent and non-permanent markers, and stamp-pads. Many quality requirements for stationery colorants are very similar to the ones for inkjet applications and demand similar properties and quality standards. In addition, writing instruments and stamp-pads need to display special features for special ink systems such as document proof inks, invisible inks and erasable inks. Specific requirements are: 



high color strength, especially for black and blue inks

worldwide compliance with regulations for environmentally safe products, and absence of sensitive by-products

high surface tension and low viscosity for consistent ink flow


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