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Dyes for ink-jet inks

Dyes for ink-jet inks


Inkjet applications include small of office and home printers (SOHO), large format printers for advertising and graphic arts prints, and high volume industrial printers for marking, coding and labeling. Colorants for inkjet inks have to meet stringent quality criteria. Inks may be stored in cartridges for several months before being passed through tiny, sensitive nozzles with thermal or mechanical stress in order to form droplets of de ned size and shape. Key requirements are: 

● high surface tension to provide reliable droplet formation and ink flow 

● low viscosity for consistent ink flow 

● excellent filterability down to 0.2 μm filter pores 

● extremely low salt content to protect print heads and nozzles from corrosion 

● absence of bivalent cations and heavy metals for long-term storage stability

Besides the printing process, the colorants are an essential factor for print and image durability, and have to provide:

● fastness to visible light and UV radiation

● fastness to ozone and other oxidative air pollutants 

● fastness to humidity and mechanical abrasion 

Alpha-Jet®  dyes    

Celludye offers a complete range of water-based Alpha-Jet®  dyes and pigment dispersions for inkjet printing. The products are suitable for use in office printers (desktop) as well as in large format printers and in industrial inkjet printing. Moreover, all Alpha-Jet®  colorants can be employed advantageously for high-quality inks in the office supplies industry. Our Alpha-Jet®  products meet all requirements on colorants for the manufacturing of high-quality inks.

To ensure consistently high ink quality, all Alpha-Jet®  dyes are offered as highly purified liquid formulations, sometimes powder dye, with high surface tension, low viscosity and excellent low-residue filtration properties. The concentration of chloride ions and other salts, particularly bivalent metal ions, is minimized to reduce printhead corrosion with printing and to allow a long shelf life of the inks. This also allows for an extended shelf life of the dye itself. Alpha-Jet®  dyes offer high intensity of color and brilliance and good solubility in solvents, commonly used for the production of inkjet inks. Alpha-Jet®  dyes offer the user a coloristically comprehensive range of products to create an optimized color space for various applications.

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