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Company overview

Company overview

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Celludye Imaging Colorants is the industry leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, innovative dyes for inkjet inks. Celludye has also the expertise to formulate the ideal ink for any media or printing technology, whether? textiles, decoration material, packaging, or direct mail printing.

Celludye ensures dyes are processed with the most comprehensive purification and filtration technologies, delivering premium printer performance.

Our purification technologies for aqueous dyes include:

● Ultrafiltration
● Nanofiltration
● Cartridge filtration
● Reverse osmosis
● Ion exchange
● Proprietary membrane technology

Benefit from our high quality dyes, Celludye Imaging Colorants is now a global supplier of high performance aqueous inkjet ink. These inks are custom designed for a wide range of uses, including textiles, packaging, industrial manufacturing and commercial printing.

With our knowledge of inks and know-how in formulation, printing technology, and global market trends, we have the capability to develop and deploy proprietary inkjet solutions that are consistent, reliable, flexible and cost-effective. Our core competence is recognizing untapped market segments, applications, opportunities and developing high-performance, customized ink solutions to respond to these market needs.

Celludye drives innovation through our world-class Research & Technology facilities , dye production plant in Shanghai,China and  ink formulation services in Taipei. We focus on meeting the needs of customers with cost-effective solutions that support them to maximize competitiveness and minimize environmental impact.

Our innovative dyes and chemicals consistently produce right-first-time results and help to optimize and shorten the manufacturing process. As a result, our customers can save costs, enhance productivity, reduce waste and conserve water and energy.

As printing markets continue to grow and evolve, new opportunities develop but, new challenges also arise. Celludye can be your guidethrough these new journeys, ensuring the right ink solution for your needs.

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